"The combination between elegance and transparent elements really brings this theme to life."

Show off a beautiful slider of your new and important content, with an incredibly easy to use interface. Make your business stand out from the rest, while keeping an elegant structure to your content.

Admin Controls


Activate the Color Chooser by selecting the button displayed in the header above.

The Color Chooser allows you to edit background, text and link colors, as well as overlay/graphic patterns on the fly from a sophisticated popup. These can then be saved and used in the Gantry Administrative Interface.

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Interconnect brings you a theme worth boasting about.

With web 2.0 styling, well placed content areas and a user interface that allows for entire content areas to be moved with just a mouse click. Whether your selling the hottest products on the web or providing amazing services for you clients your content will stand out.

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Whoever said change isn't good thing has never seen this theme.

With the use of incredibly shading, rounded corners on elements, and a sleek organization system, Option 3 really stands out. Option 3's intuitive interface allows viewers to navigate through every page with ease, with well formatted typography hard coded right into the sites core and eye pleasing contrasts to ensure both visibility and notoriety.

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Includes stylistically integrated extensions such as RokTabs and RokAjaxSearch

The use of extensions with Joomla is as instinctual as using a template, therefore, Crystalline offers prebuilt styling for some of our popular RocketTheme extensions such as RokTabs.

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Style Module Variations tied into the Color Chooser, as well as structural suffixes.

Included are 14 module class suffixes / variations which provide independent modular styling, ranging from styled suffixes such as bg1-5 and title1-5, to structural suffixes such as basic and flush.

Preview Variations

Level 2

The Elegance and Versatility of Level 2

Interconnect's Level 2 themes come jam packed with extra modules, extra web elements, and more advanced widgets, all while keeping the "Interconnect" ease of use system intact. Our Level 2 themes provide you with custom made sliders, new social widgets, and incredibly appealing font formatting.

When creating new content for your website, you'll have access to format developed specifically for each theme styles. Whether it be simple color and sizes of your text, or amazing content boxes and icons developed for your content to look that much better. If you want to show off your business's content using the newest in web technology, choose one of our amazing level 2 options.

Get to Know Us

GetToKnowUsAbout Interconnect
We are a marketing and website solution company that provides a user friendly service to help you create your own website and advertise your business. Our team is here to assist you from start to finish, from the initial meeting through the launch of your website. We work together with you to help you choose a web level that best suites your business needs.


Interconnect is an easy and affordable way to advertise your business. Cost is the number one reason why people do not have a professional looking website. Our service allows you to keep your websites information current and up to date. You are free to change any information or make any updates on your website with no extra cost! We offer a number of different features including; image galleries, menu and wine list, pricing menu, calendar and events, mass email to your clients, weekly or monthly coupon options, and many more to help personalize your site.


Together We Will Make Your Business a Success!
We've Got Features

Upload and Add Photos Create and Display Your Restaurant/Pricing Menu
Create Slideshows Beverage and Wine List
Display Google Maps Display Social Bookmarks
Add Menu and Sub Menu Items Create a Blogging Section
Custom Content Areas Create Custom Contact Forms
Easy to Use Text and Content Editor Multiple User Logins
Create and Display Your Products User Comments
Simple and Quick Changes Custom Modules Upon Request!


e-mail address:

Step 1

Our First Meeting


Scheduling a meeting is your first step in the right direction towards making your website reach its full potential.

Step 2

Assemble Content


Now its time to assmeble your site's content. Content and pictures is what sets your site apart from everyone else's.

Step 3

Personal Training


Step 3 is where we start our one on one training. Understanding how to update and make changes is a crucial part of running your business's new website.

Step 4

Upload Site


Once your site is complete and free of any grammer and spelling errors, we are ready to upload and go live!

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