Level 3 Is the Real Deal


Interconnect's Level 3 themes aren't your average website.

Interconnect takes your ideas, needs and wants and creates something truly unique. From the ground up, these themes have the newest in web technology, still keeping to the standards the community thrives upon. Whether you are on a laptop in the middle of your local coffee shop, staring down at your mobile device while waiting in line at the newsstand, or on your desktop computer at the office, these themes have been integrated for a full cross platform experience.

Our customers can layback on a sunday afternoon, whip out their brand new iPad and change their entire websites layout, text, and content in minutes, simply using our integrated Content Management System. Do you have a blog? Our themes allow all of your outside content to be feed right onto your website automatically. Did someone say SEO? Besides your brilliant content, our themes boast perfect Search Engine Optimization, utilizing Search Engine friendly page links, auto META tags, and multi-browser support.

Get to Know Us

About Interconnect

We are a marketing and website solution company that provides a user friendly service to help you create your own website and advertise your business. Our team is here to assist you from start to finish, from the initial meeting through the launch of your website. We work together with you to help you choose a web level that best suites your business needs.

Interconnect is an easy and affordable way to advertise your business. Cost is the number one reason why people do not have a professional looking website. Our service allows you to keep your websites information current and up to date. You are free to change any information or make any updates on your website with no extra cost! We offer a number of different features including; image galleries, menu and wine list, pricing menu, calendar and events, mass email to your clients, weekly or monthly coupon options, and many more to help personalize your site.

We've Got Features

Upload and Add Photos Create and Display Your Restaurant/Pricing Menu
Create Slideshows Beverage and Wine List
Display Google Maps Display Social Bookmarks
Add Menu and Sub Menu Items Create a Blogging Section
Custom Content Areas Create Custom Contact Forms
Easy to Use Text and Content Editor Multiple User Logins
Create and Display Your Products User Comments
Simple and Quick Changes Custom Modules Upon Request!


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"Gantry is a powerful Framework that acts as the core of the template, providing rich features and functions for easy use and modification."

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