Upload and Add Photos

Interconnect allows you to store all the photos you want to upload to your site. Once uploaded to your designated folder, you will be able to place them into any page of your website; above text, below, left, right, or at the bottom. These photos also can be edited to suite your needs. You can change the size, crop, or even add a border to your photo.

Create Slideshows

Slide shows can be a nice design element to your site. They catch the viewers eye, as well as provide accompanying visuals for your content. Just like a standard photo, slideshows can be placed anywhere on your page!

Display Google Maps

Google maps is a nice way to show where your business is on a map. Users simply input their current address and a route to your business is created for them.

Preset Styles

Option Two has 6 preset styles / style variations.

View all styles live by appending ?presets=preset# or &presets=preset# to the end of your URL such as http://yoursite.com/index.php?presets=preset4.

Below is a preview / screenshot of each style variation, in sequential order, Preset 1 - Preset 6. Please click on the image to load a live example of each style variation.


socialbookmarksDisplay Social Bookmarks
Today the web is a big place, and it can be hard to drive business to your website. With social bookmarking, new viewers can send your link to their friends via Facebook and Twiiter with an easy to use Social Bookmarking system we've created.

contactformsCustom Contact Forms
These forms can be customized by what information you want to be contacted about. You can have required field so when viewers are trying to contact you they have to input certain information or the email will not send. For example you name, number, comments…..

productdisplayCreate and Display Products
Our built in item menu allows you to show off your products for viewers to see. We do not currently offer a fully integrated E-Commerce system, but if you purchase a Level Three website we'll be happy to integrate it with your website.

blogBlogging Section
Blogs are a nice way of getting feed back from your viewers. You can also communicate and write comments back to your customers in this section. Bloging can also be displayed on multiple pages if needed.

menuRestaurant/Pricing Menu
Our Restaurant menu is easy to use and looks great. It even allows viewers to download or view it as a PDF for printing purposes or simply to save on their desktop.

beveragelistBeverage and Wine List
We've even integrated a beverage and wine list, in which you can specify different types of containers and special prices on multiple quantities. Take advantage of this system, and make your business stand out.

loginsUser Logins
Logins can be made for employees, they can be given their own usernames and passwords to changes certain parts of your site. For example you may assign someone to update calendar events, menu specials, or pricing weekly. So they would only have assess to this part of you site.

usercommentsUser Comments
You can turn any page into a discussion, simply by adding a comment field to the page. This allows viewers to leave comments on your website.

needmore2Custom Requests
Need something specific? we can build it. Our staff has years of programming and design training to ensure your every need is met. Whether its custom feed from your favorite blog, or an animated banner, Interconnect will deliver.

Easy to Use Text and Content Editor

In the content editor of you site you will be able to change, font color, size, style and placement. InterConnect included preset styles for you to use within your content.

Simple and Quick Changes

Does your site change on a daily basis? Or maybe you need to update your content, but you have a limited amount of free time. Well Interconnect has solved this with our ease of use editors, dynamic content and a huge array of add-ons to help you save time.