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Our First Meeting

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Scheduling a meeting is your first step in the right direction towards making your website reach its full potential. You will meet with one of our professional staff members who will explain all of our services and how they work to your business's benefit. Our goal is to listen to our clients, you tell us what you expect out of your website and we will give you suggestions on which features are best for your personal business needs. Your website is a reflection of you and your business, so it is important to us that you get exactly what you want and need. After reviewing your needs, we will then explain our 3 levels of services and discuss which option will be the most effective in making your new website a powerful marketing tool, without breaking your budget. It is equally important to us that you not only understand exactly what you are getting, but also that you understand exactly how our user friendly system works.

Now that we have a good idea of what the best option is for your and your business, we are ready to move on to step two which involves collecting all of your information in order to fill your new site with content.


Assemble Content

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Now its time to assmeble your site's content. Content and pictures is what sets your site apart from everyone else's. The second step is the most important in the development of your website, whether we are working from an existing site you already have, or if we are starting from scratch. We will gladly help you along the way to make sure your content accurately and appropriately showcases your business.



Here are some helpful Tips for writing

your content for your site pages.

  • Easy to read. Most viewers have little patience when it comes to a lot of text and run on sentences. Its best to get right to the point and put the most important information first so they read that immediately before moving on to other parts of your site. With our help we will make sure text sizes and color of your copy is easy for your viewer to read.

  • Make sure copy is easy to scan. Your readers will more then likely scan each page of copy before sitting and reading paragraphs from start to finish. It is very important you make information easy to scan in headings and paragraphs. Lists and bullets are helpful in breaking up information for readers: making it easier to read.

  • Always use content that is relevant. It may make your business look important if you have tons of information but make sure your content is relevant to your business. Don't overwhelm your readers with a lot of text. Stick to things that are most interesting and important to your business. Don't just fill the page to fill the page.

  • Your content should be ERROR FREE. Spelling, grammatical errors look unprofessional for your business and tend to make the reader concentrate on your mistake rather then taking in the important information you have posted on your site. To avoid this, proofread your content, let someone else also proofread, and we would be more then happy to take a look as well if asked. We are here to help!

  • Content should be in Harmony with the design of your choice. Working closely with your interconnect representative will insure that content will flow and work well with whatever theme you choose to represent your business. It is very important that the design and content work together in harmony to improve the viewing of your site.

  • Copy should be consistent on every page of your site. The writing style should remain the same throughout the site on every page. The tone is very important in not confusing your visitors and keeping their attention on every page of your site. Its good to have one person write content for your pages whether its yourself, an employee or copywriter as long as everything is consistent. We want to keep your visitors attention on your site for as long as we can. If Content for the site becomes an issue and you get stuck, don't worry it happens to a lot of people. We all get writers block! Interconnect has a copywriter on staff. This is something that is discussed on our initial meeting.


The second essential part to your content is your photos. The amount and placement of your photos is entirely up to you. You have the option of providing your own photos, or if you need Interconnect has access to hundreds of photos in any and every category imaginable. We can also assist you in image file types and sizes for best best optimal viewing when on the web. Now that we have your content set, it is time for you to learn to use your new system in step 3


Personal Training

Step 3 ImageStep 3 is where we start our one on one training. Understanding how to update and make changes is a crucial part of running your business's new website. To the left is a small screen shot of what your back-end interface will look like when adding content or features to your new website.


You will learn how to start adding content, pictures, pages and features to your site where and when you please. You will be given a username and login to access your new web service. Interconnect is here to help you until you are comfortable using our system. Customer service is important to us, so do not hesitate to send an email into our help desk or call your interconnect representative with your concerns. At this point we almost done, and ready to head into the final step in creating your website!

Upload Site

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Once your site is complete and free of any grammer and spelling errors, we are ready to upload and go live!

Step 4 is the most exciting because we get to see all your hard work pay off. Your content is finished and error free, your features have been chosen, pictures appropriately placed, and the site is to your liking. We can now upload and launch your business's official website! In time you will find that you need to make changes to either content, menu items, event lists, coupons, etc.  These changes can be made at your leisure and will reflect immediately after you have published them, with no waiting time.



Sample site finished and ready to go live!


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