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Level One

A wide range of options and styles allows you to customize your website, while still giving you the powerful Interconnect functionality. Whether its creating a menu for your restaurant, displaying news updates on your home page, or linking viewers to your social group, Interconnect's Level 1 Package can do it.

Each and every piece of content on the website is easy to edit/add/delete. Need another page for your content, easy, just add a link on the Navigation menu to your new page and viewers now have easy access to your content. Need a image right in the middle of one of your pages, easy, just click the "Image" icon while in the page editor and choose the image you'd like, resize it, add a border, make it clickable to link to another page, the options are endless.

Just purchased a Level 1 website and your confused about how to add content to your website? Contact our help desk simply by clicking the Help Desk icon in your secure Administrator page, or find the link at the bottom of our Home Page.


Option 3

Option 3 is definitely one of the more elegant themes we have to offer. Utilizing a web 2.0 style, Option 3 shows off your content with wonderful tabs and background outlines. As with all of our themes here at Interconnect, Option 3 comes packed with multiple color styles for you to choose from. Option 3 is the ultimate website experience.

What makes Option 3 stand out from all the rest is that it is COMPLETELY catered to your businesses needs and wants in a website. It will be designed, redesigned, customized, recoded, optimized, enlarged, shortened, dilly-dallied, you name it, it will be done. We start off by studying your business and talking to you directly to determine exactly what you need.

Option 2

This option comes packed with multiple color styles and backgrounds pre packed into it. Gives your business a classy design, whether your running a restaurant, photography business or a construction firm. Option 1 has a build in "Slider" to house news content, images, and/or videos.

Each section of the front page has been broken down for a optimal viewing experience, so you can still show off all of your wonderful content, without straining viewers eyes.

Option 1

This option comes packed with multiple color styles to choose from. Perfect to show off your business's content. Whether your selling a item, promoting a service or trying to reach out to your peers, Interconnect's website help you achieve your goals. Choose Option one and the Interconnect staff will be there every step of the way to guide you in the completion of your website.

Present yourself and your business with pride, Interconnect provides you with the tools to design a website by yourself. Without all the fuss of paying a web designers thousands of dollars, for something you will be able to do in minutes. Get the most out of your business, choose Interconnect.

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